Handling Your Under and Above Ground Oil Storage Tanks

Did you know if your home heating oil tank begins to leak it can result in serious consequences? Heating oil is expensive and any loss can be costly. Your could even tank on water, damaging your furnace and heating system.

No matter what your oil tank concerns are, a tank assessment is essential to figuring out if you’re experiencing a petroleum leak. Followed by any necessary oil tank replacements, soil remediation or repair services for your old tank. 

Commonwealth Environmental Associates provides the required services in all facets of underground and above ground storage tank management. CEA has immense experience with the testing, removal, site characterization, and corrective/remedial actions associated with these tanks.

For trustworthy oil tank services that protect your wallet and the environment, contact CEA today. 

Understanding Heating Oil Tank Leaks

A leak from your oil tank can do a lot more than just drive up oil costs. The leak can kill the plants and grass around your home, impact surface water, infiltrate your drinking water supply and more. 

The first step is always to determine if a leak of petroleum has occurred. This typically includes collecting soil samples adjacent to the tank that are sent to a lab for analysis. 

CEA’s Virginia-based teams provide oil tank removal and installation services designed to alleviate all of your environmental worries. 

Underground Storage Tank Removal in Action

Oil Tank Removal and Replacement Services in Virginia 

Whether you have an above ground or underground tank, CEA offers tank removal services that work great for:

  • Getting rid of unused tanks hiding underground
  • Eliminating old tanks left behind by previous property owners
  • Switching your tank out for an HVAC system 
  • Tanks located in your basement that need pumped out, cut apart, and removed
  • Tanks that are leaking or pumping oil incorrectly

Handling Your Fuel Tank Problem Reporting For You 

CEA has a firm understanding of current Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VDEQ) regulations. When it comes to oil or fuel tanks, there should always be an initial tank assessment including soil samples to figure out if petroleum has been released from your tank.

Initially, a tank assessment should be completed to determine if a leak of petroleum has occurred. The initial tank assessment typically includes the collection of soil samples adjacent to the tank to determine if petroleum has been released from the tank.

Most homeowner insurance policies do not cover these leaks. Fortunately, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VDEQ) currently has a program to assist in the cleanup process.

Eligible homeowners in Virginia only have to pay a deductible, permit fees, and any other fees that the state will not reimburse. Typically, the deductible for the residential and farm use tanks is $500 through the VDEQ program.

CEA will assist you as you navigate the entire Underground Storage Tank closure, installation, investigation, and cleanup process in a professional and cost-efficient manner.

Residential Oil Tank Offerings for Virginia Homeowners 

Commonwealth Environmental Associates is a Virginia-based environmental services company with convenient locations in Richmond, Harrisonburg and Lexington. Our experienced team provides the full lifecycle of oil tank repairs, removals, replacements and other services throughout Virginia.

Our Home Oil Tank Services are available in all Virginia cities including:

  • Richmond, VA
  • Harrisonburg, VA
  • Lexington, VA
  • Staunton, VA
  • Roanoke, VA
  • Charlottesville, VA
  • Norfolk, VA
  • Fredericksburg, VA 
  • Lynchburg, VA 

Creating a Safer Environment in Virginia, One Project at a Time

Maretta Mikre
Maretta Mikre
Sam Hull is extremely knowledgeable and professional, answered all my questions. He went above and beyond. Really put my mind at ease. The radon mitigation system is working very effectively. Highly recommended their services!!!
Amanda McCalla
Amanda McCalla
We used commonwealth environmental for our radon mitigation after our basement levels were higher than normal. Samuel was excellent with wonderful communication, and got the job done for almost 1k less than a competitor quoted us! We really appreciate the work and are super happy with the results!
Nicole Eagle
Nicole Eagle
We contacted Commonwealth Environmental after testing our residence for radon and finding our levels were far beyond acceptable per the EPA. Sam was fantastic to work with during our initial conversation, initial evaluation and completion of the work in our home. During our initial evaluation he took time to inspect the house including our house plans from when it was built so he could ensure the best installation for our home. The installation was seamless. They did an exceptional job and within a few hours we saw the level in our basement drop significantly. A week later we have gone from a long term level that was more than 5 x's higher than the EPA recommends to almost zero. I highly recommend this company and their team to anyone experiencing issues in their home or business!
Emily Bowman
Emily Bowman
Commonwealth assisted my clients and I when an underground oil tank was found during the home inspection. CEA traveled to the Northern Neck multiple times to first inspect then fill in the tank. I worked with both Sam and Fred at Commonwealth Environmental over the course of two months and was always pleased with their communication and performance. They ensured the proper paperwork and testing was completed. Most importantly, they were able to walk multiple parties involved in the deal through this unknown and at times complicated process with ease and expertise.
Robin and Scott
Robin and Scott
We contacted Commonwealth Environmental when the home inspector found an old oil tank we had no clue was buried on our property. The first consultant we had called with another company scared me gloom and doom scenarios. And then we called Commonwealth Environmental. From the first phone call, Sam was responsive and thorough in educating us on our options and the process. He was understanding of how worrisome this was, and he and his crew did a beautiful job of removal and cleanup. It looks exactly like it did before the tank was dug out, and our kids really enjoyed watching them in action. They went above requirements in making sure the area was properly remediated. I enthusiastically recommend them.
Lisa “Mac's Mom” Frey
Lisa “Mac's Mom” Frey
We utilized their services for radon mitigation during the sale of our home. Sam and Josh did an excellent job of trouble shooting all issues that were encountered during installation of a blower in the existing passive system. Pricing was in line with other quotes but their service was priceless!!!

Take the First Step with an Oil Tank Inspection

 A problematic oil tank is a massive liability and a threat to your family’s health. You shouldn’t have to worry about an old tank rusting and ruining the soil around your home. 

With CEA’s proactive professionals on your side, we can get your questions answered, inspect your land and get straight to work on long-term solutions. From removals to replacements to remediations, you’re in good hands with our well-trained stuff. 

Contact us today to alleviate your oil tank concerns and protect your environment.