Environmental Consulting to Help Virginia Homeowners Mitigate Risk

Home is where the heart is. Your house is a source of comfort, a reliable shelter and a place where memories are made. Unfortunately, without proper knowledge, your home may also be a safe haven for environmental hazards. 

It’s often not until health problems arise or real estate requirements come up that homeowners ever realize just exactly what is lurking inside their homes. That’s right, you could be roommates with lead, asbestos, mold and more. While these concerns aren’t common, there isn’t a need to panic. There are proven methods and mitigations that can keep you safe. 

Commonwealth Environmental Associates is your environmental testing services partner dedicated to figuring out if you have a healthy home. CEA helps you take action and regain your peace of mind when mold inspections, air quality tests or other inspections bring in unideal results.

Whether it’s inside your home, impacting the soil outside or coming from your once trusty well  — our testing prioritizes your health and safety. Contact us today for environmental health assessments tailored to the needs of your Virginia home. 

Use Environmental Testing for Successful Real Estate Transactions in Virginia 

You wouldn’t buy a home infested with mold or other hazards. You also wouldn’t expect another home buyer to want to either. Environmental hazards can stand in the way of selling a house or be the final determining factor in if you buy another property. 

When you need to make a safe sale, professional environmental inspections are key. Ensure your house is up to code, ready for the market and fully livable for the next buyers. CEA identifies environmental issues and helps you find effective solutions that ensure you’re able to sell your property when the time comes. 

Commonwealth Environmental Associates handles both sides of the homebuying coin. If you’re the one scouring the market for a new house, our team helps you confidently make purchases with in-depth testing services. When your home inspector starts picking up concerns, CEA gets you all of the data you need to ensure hazards are addressed quickly and completely. 

Don’t let high radon levels, dangerous asbestos or lead contaminate your moving process in Virginia. Our environmental experts recommend testing for the most seamless real estate transactions possible. 

Protect Your Family From Health Hazards 

Common illnesses, certain cancers and allergies can all be attributed to water and indoor air quality issues. You deserve an environment safe from lead, mold, radon, asbestos and more. 

That’s why CEA thoroughly tests your home to alleviate your environmental worries. Our highly-experienced team takes the time to fully answer your questions and protect you from harmful materials. CEA has decades of experience identifying issues and providing helpful consulting to determine what the safest and most effective next steps are for you and your family. 

Contact us today if you’re starting to see negative health impacts from hazards hiding inside of our home. Get back your peace of mind with clear testing results and a team dedicated to helping you find remediation solutions.

Your Options for Residential Environmental Services in Virginia 

CEA is a one-stop-shop for environmental services. Instead of searching all over for several contractors or consultants, our experienced team is well-versed and certified to provide:

Virginia Environmental Consultants Available Statewide 

Our commitment to Virginia spans from the beaches to the mountains and everything in-between.  Commonwealth Environmental Associates ensures your environmental issues are solved thanks to our teams established in three offices:

Professional Problem Solvers Ready to Address Environmental Issues

Commonwealth Environmental Associates helps you meet environmental requirements, take extra steps for protection and answers all the questions you might have. Hazards like lead and asbestos can seem elusive and confusing. Call CEA to make compliance and safety easy and accessible.